Update: New PSA options!

After a lot of customer requests, we are happy to announce that we are now offering some more PSA products as of today!

These PSA products are very specific and will most likely not be as popular as the regular PSA products we already had. Therefore, all these new products have a new kind of deadline. These new products are only proccessed once every 3 months – at the end of every quarter. This way, we can pile up the orders for these special tiers and build up some greater volume for them to save shipping costs.

PSA Pack

A lot of you knew already that it’s possible to get sealed booster packs graded with PSA. Now you can also do it via HiroGrading!

PSA Jumbo

Oversized cards, like you find in various promotional boxes in the Pokémon TCG and in some other TCGs can also be graded with PSA via us.

PSA Signature

Signed cards, by the actual artist of a card, are very rare. If you have one, you can get both the card and the signature authenticated by PSA.

PSA Reholder

The PSA Reholder products is for people that have a card that is already graded by PSA – but that want to upgrade the case. PSA changed a couple times of both their casings and their labels. By sending this card in as a PSA Reholder, the card will be put in the newest PSA cases and also get the newest label design.

Keep in mind that the actual grade of the card and the certification number of the card will not be changed!