Update: New submission tracking system

To serve our customers better, we are introducing the new tracking system for submissions starting today!
The purpose of this system is that you can track yourself in which step of the entire grading process your cards are at any time.

Submission codes

If you consult your order(s) on the site via My Account  → Orders and view the details of an order, you will find 1 or more ‘submission codes’ at the top and a link to our submission status spreadsheet.

If you open the spreadsheet and look up the submission code(s) of your order, you can know exactly how the cards of this order are doing.

Why this new setup

HiroGrading continues to grow, this year (last 2.5 month) more than 2000 cards have been submitted by you all already! We are very grateful to you, our customers, for this!
A large volume of cards requires a bit more puzzle work if we want everything to run efficiently and, above all, safely insured.
For example, we are now at the point where we make several shipments per month of the same tier at the grading companies themselves (particularly PSA). For example, we have 5 PSA Bronze shipments at PSA for February.
We choose to make several smaller shipments to the grading companies, because this results in less valuable packages and is therefore easier to insure. Another advantage is that we will get back smaller batches of graded cards more quickly instead of the occasional giant sub. So this is a win-win for both us, HiroGrading, and our customers.
Sending multiple shipments to a grading company for the same tier at the same time does not mean that all these shipments will be handled equally quickly by the grading company. That’s why we’re introducing submission codes so we can give you updates on each individual shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

My order has no submission codes?

Submission codes are only assigned to orders when the deadline for which you submitted has passed.
Also for older orders (before February) no submission codes were assigned.

My order has multiple submission codes?

This is the case if your order contains cards for multiple grading companies and/or multiple tiers. For example, if you sent both PSA Silver and PSA Bronze in 1 order, your order will have 2 submission codes.