1) Create your grading submission

Entering which cards you want to grade is easy with our online grading submission tool.
You’ll immediately see the cost of the grading per card, so you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards.
When you create your first shipment, you will also receive an account, so you can easily follow the status of your submission(s).

2) Deliver your cards to HiroGrading

Once your grading submission has been entered, you should deliver your cards to us so that we can do our work.
We have addresses availlable in Belgium and the Netherlands, so we keep the shipping costs as low as possible for you.
It is also possible to hand over your cards in person by appointment.

3) Processing by HiroGrading & partners

When we receive your cards, we check whether they match what you entered when creating your grading submission.
Then, once the grading deadline has passed, we will deliver the cards to the grading partner(s) you chose and they will do their job.

4) Receive your graded cards

Depending on which grading service(s) you have chosen, we will receive your cards from our grading partners after a few weeks or months in a beautiful grading case with a hopefully amazing grade!
As soon as we have received cards for you, we will contact you to send them back to you!


Use our online submission tool to start grading your cards!