PSA Reholder Service


Submission for this products are only send once every 3 months!

  • Next deadline: September 29th

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PSA Reholder Service

This product includes the Reholder-tier grading of an already PSA graded-card with PSA through the HiroGrading services.

Reholder means that your card will be put in the newest PSA cases and get a new label. The actual grade of the card and the certification number will not be changed!

Prices shown for HiroGrading services include:

  • The grading costs to PSA
  • Sending your card to PSA
  • Returning your graded card to HiroGrading
  • Transport insurance throughout the process

Expected grading time: 3 months

Grading time is the time it takes for the grading company to grade your card. This time starts when your card is registered in the grading company’s system, which is a few days after the cards arrive at them.

Not included in the grading time are:

  • The time between receiving your cards at HiroGrading and sending them to the grading company. This always takes place a maximum of 1 week after the communicated submission deadline.
  • The shipping time of the grading company that sends the graded cards back to HiroGrading.
  • The shipping time from HiroGrading that sends your graded cards back to you. We always do this within a few days of receipt.

It is also always possible that the indicated grading time is not correct because it was not up to date on the site of the grading company.

Maximum value: 4000 euro

For this tier at this grading company, the maximum graded value of your card can be 4000 euros.
If PSA believes that the graded value of your card exceeds this value, additional fees will be charged to us that we will charge to you. If you think your card is close to the maximum value and are uncertain, we suggest to go for a higher tier with a higher maximum graded value.


All the above prices include insurance up to a maximum of 500 euros per card (not graded value).
If you wish to grade cards that are worth more than 500 euros with us using this service, additional costs may be charged for higher insurance.